Mike Calbot International Golf Academy

Raptor Bay Golf Club is home to the Mike Calbot International Golf Academy.

Mike Calbot
Golf Swing Analyst
and Master Instructor

Did you know that we have one of the top golf instructors at your service here at Raptor Bay Golf Club?

Raptor Bay Golf Club is home to "The Golf Doctor" Mike Calbot, a Golf Swing Analyst and Master Instructor. Mike has been seen weekly on WINK News for 35 years and has had a weekly golf segment on the nationally syndicated radio/television show, "Where To Play Golf," for the past nine years.

Mike has been nominated by Golf Digest, Golf Magazine as one of the best teachers in the state and nationally. He has been called on by the PGA and LPGA to share his teaching systems and communication skills. Mike has traveled the world on invitation by major corporations, The PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, European Tour, European LPGA Tour and the Asian PGA Tour to entertain their clients and spectators with his world famous Golf Trick Shot Exhibitions.

Mike has given over 85,000 lessons in his 45-year teaching career. Mike is one of only a few teaching professionals in the world to have instructed juniors who, with his coaching, have gone on to win multiple events on the PGA and LPGA Tours.

We are proud to have a golf professional of his unique skills and knowledge as a member of our team at Raptor Bay Golf Club. For more information, visit the Mike Calbot International Golf Academy website at www.golfdoctorusa.com. To schedule golf lessons with The Golf Doctor, please call (239) 849-3352.

Mike is available for special events; Golf Trick Shot Exhibitions, pre-round walk the line golf tips, play with your group, golf clinics, public speaker and story teller for your group at breakfast, luncheon, cocktail party, dinners.